"We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems."

"If it is difficult we do it immediately.
If it is impossible it takes a little longer.
Miracles by appointment only."

Gordon Ponsford

Growing up as a third generation conservator, I was able to gain an
early appreciation of the historical beauty which art and antiques bring
to enrich our lives. Ponsford was founded more than 25 years ago to offer the highest quality restoration and conservation services available.

Since then, Ponsford has continued to evolve, becoming one of the largest conservation and restoration groups in the country. Today, we are proud to have some of the finest experts available in their respective fields working with us. This remarkable staff allows us to offer in-studio services, as well as on-site work that would be difficult to match by any other group.

Ponsford has provided services at the finest museums, parks and municipalities around the world. Regardless of the job, everything done by our staff is performed with the same exacting professional standards upon which Ponsford was founded.

Please browse our website. See the examples of our work and our team. The care, attention to detail, and dedication which we provide is unique. We offer equitable prices for our services and work with you every step
of the way to meet and exceed your expectations.
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